Dr.George J.Goodheart (1918 - 2008) war  der Vater der Applied Kinesiology.  1964 legte er die Basis der Angewandten Kinesiologie mit einer Reihe revolutionärer Beobachtungen über den Zusammenhang von Muskelfunktion, Gesundheit und Krankheit. Zu der Zeit arbeitete er als Chiropraktiker in Detroit. Er unterrichtete John F.Thie in dieser neuen Methode. Das Touch for Health System und

viele weitere KInesiologierichtungen fußen auf diesen Entdeckungen.
Dr. George J. Goodheart unterstützte die Entwicklung von John F. Thie (1933 - 2005) des Touch for Health Systems für Laien und blieb dieser Entwicklung sein Leben lang verbunden.
In tiefer Würdigung schreibt Paul Dennison  über George Goodheart:

What an apt name -- Dr. George “Goodheart”--for an outstanding individual so clearly motivated by unconditional love and the pure intention to be present for his patients so that they might receive the very best treatment possible!
I was taken by Dr. Goodheart’s humility and sense of humor as he talked about the early days and how he had discovered his techniques by serendipity, almost as if his father were whispering in his ear, while his patients “believed” he knew what he was doing! Moved, I commented to him at the close of the conference that muscle checking is just another way to say I love you. I came away from my meeting with George Goodheart even further convinced that, when we are humble and receptive enough to stand in awe of the miracle of another human being who trusts us to hear him, we are guided to draw out the learning for which he is ready.  

Dr. George J.Goodheart verstarb friedlich am 5. März 2008 im Alter von 90 Jahren.